Terrorism book now on sale

The Faces of Terrorism – Multidisciplinary Perspectives, edited by David Canter is now available to buy online. The text unravels the different facets of terrorism, investigating what it means to be a terrorist and what terrorism means for society. It also looks at the perspectives and views of terrorists.

In The Faces of Terrorism, an international selection of experts, from a variety of disciplines, provide professional perspectives on a range of issues surrounding terrorism today. While focusing on current concerns with terrorism that has its roots in Islam, the book also explores links between organized crime and radical violence, and examines a variety of terrorist acts beyond bombing, such as kidnapping for ransom and cyberterrorism. The contributors also examine the dynamics of social networks, which have come to play an essential role for terrorist groups. The subtleties of all these processes are illustrated with fascinating case studies of terrorists around the globe.

This book offers a much needed account of a growing consensus across different disciplines about the variegated nature of terrorism. Bringing together state-of-the-field perspectives on this increasingly important topic, it shows that counter-insurgency activities need to embrace the public rhetoric that castigates terrorism, as well as engage with processes that could potentially place people on pathways to violent political action.

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