University Archives

Professor David Canter’s Archives

In the pre-digital age a great amount of material was stored as hard copies. With half a century of such storage David has made these valuable reports, publications, correspondence and much more available to seven universities. Here are the current storage locations and contacts for access.

Facet Theory Archive

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil

This is a collection of over 500 publications dealing with aspects of facet Theory, notably using SSA, but also other aspects and statistical procedures.

Contact: Professor Antonio Roazzi

Environmental Psychology Archive

The University of Huddersfield

Over 100 books and some booklets and reports acquired over 50 years involved in architectural and environmental psychology


Publications and Correspondence

The University of Liverpool

Copies of publications and David’s correspondence before everything was digital. Includes letters with publishers and others.


 Case Material, Reports and Data Sets

Birmingham City University

A huge array of court reports prepared by David, including original ‘profiles’ and background documents. There are also case files and data sets. Much of the material is inherently confidential so access is carefully controlled.


 Actions in Emergencies

Reports on actions in fires and other emergencies. Many internal documents as well as published material.

Keele University

Contact: Professor Cliff Stott

Internal Documents and Theses

Anglia Ruskin University

A quarter of a century of internal reports and student projects and dissertations.

Contact: Samantha Lundrigan

Crime and Forensic Psychology Publications

Cambridge University Institute of Criminology

Well over 100 books and booklets on various aspects of Forensic and Crime Psychology and criminology.

Contact: ">S.A.M. Stone