Professional Services – Evidence to the Courts

As the foremost authority on Investigative Psychology, Professor Canter provides expert opinion based on all aspects of the discipline. For more information on which aspects of criminal cases this is relevant to, see Investigative Psychology > Remit of Expert Evidence.

This can take the form of opinions on the psychology of all forms of criminal behaviour and types of offenders, as well as on the investigation process, the credibility of evidence/witnesses, and the legal process itself.

For example, recent expert opinion which he has been called upon to provide has fallen into the following areas:

  • Offender Profiling/Defendant Profiling (with personality & other psychometric assessment)
  • Forensic Psycholinguistics/authorship attribution
  • False rape allegations
  • Equivocal death/psychological autopsy
  • Interviewing techniques & identification parades
  • Entrapment
  • Harassment/stalking assessment
  • Evaluation of legal testimony & eyewitness evidence
  • Environmental conditions in prisons: the “Slopping Out” cases

Professor Canter is frequently called upon to comment on the scientific rigour of other expert testimony.

His commitment to justice means that he can work for the defence or the prosecution. He contributes to cases of personal importance through to those of international significance.