Media – Videos

From lectures and interviews with professionals to TV documentaries, David Canter has produced a variety of videos throughout his career, including these featured clips. Watch them here, or see David’s full video collection on his YouTube channel.

Mental Mapping Jack the Ripper

David Canter shows how the location of Jack the Ripper’s crimes could reveal where he lived and discusses how this helps to assess the ‘Diary of Jack the Ripper’ allegedly authored by James Maybrick as discussed in Dr Canter’s book Mapping Murder.

Finding your way in the Barbican

Why we get lost on the internet, an example from finding your way around the Barbican complex in London. An early example of David Canter putting a short TV documentary together.

Mapping People’s Conceptualisations

The example of consumer choice of which chocolates to buy is used to illustrate how people’s implicit categorisation schemes can be modelled. This has wide applications, having been used for everything from linking violent assaults to studying what people think art, from the design of building, to exploring bomb attacks.