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Meet the Researcher
in R. Gross, Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour, 6th ed. (Hodder, 2010) (link)

Two Brains, 2004:,,1340824,00.html

The Real Cracker – Story of the original profiler, Jan 2006

  • Articles by David Canter in the printed media

Lockerbie: was Anthony Gauci’s memory reliable?
October 26th 2009

Television villains: crocodile tears, lies and videotape
May 18th 2009

We need smarter police who are science-savvy: Avoiding the mistakes of the Rachel Nickell inquiry
December 19th 2008

An abuse on every level: Incest the ultimate taboo
November 26th 2008

This shows that not all jihadis are spiritually driven men on a mission
October 17th 2008

Audioclip Terrorism: ‘Faith schools can be potentially dangerous’
September 18th 2008

Confused picture of criminality: The murders of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez
July 4th 2008

Fritzl, like Fred West, believed he was a good man
May 11th 2008

129 Calls that laid bare an epidemic of brutal abuse
February 28th 2008

Commentary: killed because they so easily could be
February 22nd 2008

Pray that the police can give this man a way out : Soham murders
May 8th 2007

Forget the cause – this is merely a bid for hero status
July 6th 2007

  • Articles referencing David Canter in the printed media

The psychology of catching burglars
May 24th 2010
PDF of article in The Guardian

Dead bodies: People who find corpses and body parts
July 25th 2009

Murder or suicide? Eddie Gilfoyle’s 16-year fight to clear his name
June 4th 2009

If Maddie is alive she may not answer to that name or remember who she was
May 4th 2009

A man condemned by psychobabble: Colin Stagg
December 21st 2008

Faith schools ‘help foster terrorists’
September 9th 2008

Tell-tale lies of Shannon’s mum exposed in TV documentary
May 18th 2009

The real Cracker: we’ll catch burglars too
January 10th 2006

Bombers ‘not driven by religion’
November 18th 2005

Stalking distress going unnoticed
November 1st 2005

Suspect ‘fits offender profile’
August 25th 2005

The psychology of a killer
December 12th 2006

Experts debate legal sex trade
September 11th 2003

Suicide note analysis ‘could prevent deaths’
December 28th 2005,,1674534,00.html

Violent cases not a trend, police insist
December 1st 2004,,1363492,00.html

Analysis: Psychology of the sniper
October 23rd 2002

One in eight Britons has been stalked
May 6th 2004,,1210594,00.html

Mass killers refuse to join study
February 27th 2004,,1157231,00.html

Growing menace of the violent burglar
January 23rd 2004,,1129541,00.html