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Although internationally known for introducing scientific psychology into ‘offender profiling’ and developing the field of Investigative Psychology beyond those origins, David has a wide range of interests including his continuing work in Environmental Psychology. Here his many publications and presentations are made available as well as his musical compositions, photographs and poems.

What Offender Profiling Is Not

The idea of creating a ‘pen picture’ of an unknown offender has found its way into popular accounts of criminal investigations as an almost mystical activity. Here you can download Professor Canter’s account of the truth about this process.

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  • The Politician in the Pocket
    McMafia : A Journey through the Criminal Underworld, is a remarkable piece of journalism by Misha Glenny. He follows corruption and organised crime around the word, drawing on interviews that reveal the global encircling of Mafia-like activity. His likening of it to international franchises, notably McDonalds, has given rise to the term McMafia wealth order. The first use of this term is the

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  • Is True-Crime Therapy?
    A question I can rely on being asked at any public talk I give is “Does your descriptions of how psychologists may help to solve crimes make criminals savvy and better able to avoid detection?” It is a fascinating question based on so many assumptions that the janitor is usually waiting anxiously by the door for me to finish my lengthy answer so he can get home to bed. Perhaps the most ironic

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  • Heard the One About a Politician Who Became a Friend on Facebook? New Political Communication
    Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky, from comic to president. Pepsi and Coke fight over their share of the market not by major changes in their products but by their advertising and marketing. Like most companies selling in a mass market, they reach for an emotional hook that consumers will link to their products. Gone are the detailed accounts of the benefits of what they are selling. They are

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