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Although internationally known for introducing scientific psychology into ‘offender profiling’ and developing the field of Investigative Psychology beyond those origins, David has a wide range of interests including his continuing work in Environmental Psychology. Here his many publications and presentations are made available as well as his musical compositions, photographs and poems.

What Offender Profiling Is Not

The idea of creating a ‘pen picture’ of an unknown offender has found its way into popular accounts of criminal investigations as an almost mystical activity. Here you can download Professor Canter’s account of the truth about this process.

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  • Race is a Racist Concept
    Race only became a term that implied a radical difference in the nature of people in the 18th century (this illustration of the ‘types of mankind’ dates from the next century, in 1893). The impact of the Black Lives Matter movement has been impressive and far too long in arriving. It is therefore a pity that discrimination against people of color should get confused with the unhelpful

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  • Can Social Science Save Lives in a Pandemic?
    Is this an example of a government following the science? Some years ago, as a way of showing the impotence of social science, especially psychology, I asked, ‘Why has psychology not created any weapons of mass destruction?” After all, the natural sciences, which are used as the models for social science, each have their own WMD. Biology has its biological weapons, chemistry its toxins and

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  • Emergencies: Why Do We Leave It So Late?
    When the levee breaks … An example of Newton’s First Law of Motion as it applies to human behavior? (Image: Lt. Cmdr. Mark Moran, NOAA Corps, NMAO/AOC) It may be thought that the slow reaction in many countries to the emergence of COVID-19 was due to the invisibility of the pathogen. Not being able to see the enemy may have been the explanation of waiting until it was having visible

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