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Although internationally known for introducing scientific psychology into ‘offender profiling’ and developing the field of Investigative Psychology beyond those origins, David has a wide range of interests including his continuing work in Environmental Psychology. Here his many publications and presentations are made available as well as his musical compositions, photographs and poems.

NEW BOOK: Experiments in Anti-Social Behaviour

Experiments in Anti-Social Behaviour by Professor David Canter

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What Offender Profiling Is Not

The idea of creating a ‘pen picture’ of an unknown offender has found its way into popular accounts of criminal investigations as an almost mystical activity. Here you can download Professor Canter’s account of the truth about this process.

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  • The Trump Conundrum
    As a psychologist the most challenging aspect of the recent presidential election, for me, is understanding why 70 million U.S. citizens voted for Donald Trump. Many have pointed out that this is a man whose communications have the style and content of a soap-box haranguer. He is a person who has demonstrated his readiness to sack anyone who disagrees with him, and has an obvious willingness

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  • How Dangerous is Donald Trump?
    As a British academic schooled, from an early age, in the niceties of public debate, I’m struggling to understand the acceptability of a president behaving as Donald Trump did in his recently televised confrontation with former Vice President Joe Biden. I know the House of Commons can have rowdy shouting by opposition members that can interrupt a person giving a speech, even the prime minister.

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  • Race is a Racist Concept
    Race only became a term that implied a radical difference in the nature of people in the 18th century (this illustration of the ‘types of mankind’ dates from the next century, in 1893). The impact of the Black Lives Matter movement has been impressive and far too long in arriving. It is therefore a pity that discrimination against people of color should get confused with the unhelpful

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